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ignoring air resistance, describe how an object would fall to the ground using the words velocity and acceleration

for a ball that is thrown straight up:
a.) the velocity is __on the way up (increasing, decreasing, constant, zero)
b.)the velocity is __at the very top (increasing, decreasing, constant, zero)
c.)the velocity is __on the way down(increasing, decreasing, constant, zero)
d.)the acceleration is __on the way up (increasing, decreasing, constant, zero)
e.)the acceleration is __at the very top (increasing, decreasing, constant, zero)
f.)the acceleration is __on the way down(increasing, decreasing, constant, zero)

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    a.) the velocity is decreasing on the way up
    b.)the velocity is zero at the very top
    c.)the velocity is increasing on the way down
    d.)the acceleration is constant on the way up
    e.)the acceleration is constant at the very top
    f.)the acceleration is constant on the way down

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