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A gas is allowed to expand at constant temperature from a volume of 2.00 L to 11.20 L against an external pressure of 1.500 atm. If the gas loses 256 J of heat to the surroundings, what are the values of q, w, and ΔU? Pay careful attention to units.

-----My attempt:

q = heat
so if the gas losses 256J of heat then that makes


as for w

w = -p (delta V)
w = -( 1.5atm) (11.20L-2.0L)
w = -13.8atm (convert this to J)
w = -13.8atm * (8.3145 J K^-1 mol^-1)/(0.08206 L atm K^-1 mol^-1)

w= - 1398.2J?

then Delta U = q + w
delta U = -256J + (-1398.2J)
delta U = 1654J?

Is this right?

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