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Reach each sentence then underline the intransitive verb. If a sentence has no intransitive verb write none.

1. Tell Rover to lie down and relax.
Lie and down intransitive

2.Lay your cards on the table. none

3.A squirrel got trapped in our attic trapped intransitive

4. I walked all the way to the lake
walked intransitive

5.That looks like fun! none

6. my internent connection crashed again
crashed intransitive

7.gina crashed her go cart
crashed intransitive

8. I watched a bluebird rise into the sky
watched rise intransitive

9. did you know that warm air rises
rises intransitive

10. The moom will be full tomorrow none

am i missing any verbs

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    1. is tricky. The verb is tell and the subject is the understood subject You.

    You tell WHAT? -- Rover
    This is a transitive verb.

    7, 8, and 9 are also wrong.

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    What do I do in 7,8,9? On 9 is it none?

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    Yes. The verbs in 7 and 8 are transitive verbs. The verb in the independent clause in 9 is did know. The dependent clause is the direct object -- making it a transitive verb.

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    so 7,8,9 are none since they are transitive

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    That movie started a roit. Is this sentence transitive?

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    The verb is transitive.

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