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Read each sentence then write each transitive verb. if a sentence has no transitive verb(direct object) write none.
Example: Jamie watered the plants in the sunroom. Answer: watered transitive

1. Molly hammered the final nail hammered Transitive

2.The snow piled up in the yard. none

3.Lawrence petted the floppy eared dog. petted transitive

4.Reporters asked questions after the press conference. asked transitive

5.Have you shown anyone your new painting yet? shown transitive?

6. I wonder why maria looks so happy. wonder transitive

7. I love sunny days like this. none

8. julios parents just opened a restaurant downtown. opened transitive

9. My mom gave me an early birthday present today. gave transitive

10. The cheetah ran across the savannah
ran transitive

I know Ms. Sue already checked 6-10 but those 4 questions are my answers for re-do.

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    7 and 10 are wrong. The others are right.

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    7. love transitive
    I don't know 10 is it none?

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    7 is correct.

    10 -- the verb is ran and you're right it is not transitive -- so "none" is the right answer.

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    Can you explain how 10 is none and 7 isnt

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    You can often find the direct object by asking WHAT after the verb.

    7. I love -- WHAT? -- sunny days
    Love is transitive since it has a direct object -- days.

    10. Cheetah ran -- WHAT?
    Ran is not transitive since nothing answers the question WHAT? There is no direct object.

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