Oral Book Report

posted by Losa

My book is titled The Battle Of The Labyrinth. I have to do a Sentence Outline for this Oral Book Report. But i don't know where to start from to write my sentence outline. Should i go over the book again, or just find important stuff about it? The author is Rick Riordan. Should i write him first?

  1. bobpursley

    Figure out what you want to say about the book.

    What was the plot?

    What was the irony?

    What was the point/resoluton of the story?

    What did you think of the book?

    Answer those questions in your mind, then make a brief outline for an oral report answering those questions.

    Those are the important things you need to address in your report.

  2. Writeacher

    Bobpursley is right. Figure out what you want to say about each of those points he wrote above.

    Before you can write a sentence outline, you need to SEE the difference between a regular outline (http://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20081113013048_544.pdf ) and a sentence outline (http://org.newtrier.k12.il.us/academics/english/research_guide/pdfs/outline_sample_sentence.pdf )

  3. Losa

    Ok. Thanks Bobpursley and Writeacher.

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