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Chem II/College

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Using the Clausius Clapeyron equation determine the vapor pressure of water at 50.0 degrees C. The molar heat of vaporization of water is 40.7 kJ/mol. How do you solve this?

  • Chem II/College -

    Mg and O lab

    how will the relative number of moles of mg and o be affected if the following procedural errors are made?

    a)crucible is not brought to constant mass before the Mg is added.

    b)water is not added after the first heating of Mg, and the entire solid in the crucible is considered to be MgO

    c)some of the fluffy white ppt is lost before the crucible is weighed for the last time.

    d)in an effort to begin a second sample while the first is cooling, the hot crucible containing the solid from determination 1 is accidently dropped, and a small chip is lost from the crucible.

    i said b was a higher value for O because the mass of our product would be higher and we determined the mass of O by subtracting our mass of Mg used, in a previous calculation

    i said the decrease in the amount of O for part c because of basically the same reason; we have a smaller product so we would calculate a smaller amount of O

    the other two i'm not sure of and am kind of confused.

    if you could check mine and help me with the others?
    please be specific!thanks!

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