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time and stress management

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relaxation is a state of
(a)low arousal
(b)high arousal
(c)increased blood pressure
(d)rapid thought processes
my answer is a
to analyze exactly what to do with your time,you need to
(a)write down everything that you do in a time inventory
(b)videotape 24hours of a typical day
(c)buy a daily planner
(d)have a friend observe your work habits
my answer is a
having confidence and satisfaction in yourself is known as
my answer is b

which of the following is an important first step toward developing a personal stress management program?
(a)finding out what creates the most stress for you
(b)learning new skills for relaxation
(c)displacing inwanted stress onto family and friends
(d)observing the fight-or flight response
my answer is a

a sound diet will help your body to
(a)sleep less deeply at night
(b)feel more stressed
(c)ward off the effects of temporary stress
(d)increase flexibility
my answer is c

  • time and stress management -

    I agree with all of your answers. :-)

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