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ms. sue yesterday i write story abt independence in third person well i have to write another one in first person and i want to write in nonhuman perspective, which animal I be? or could i be something other than creature, but not human?

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    How about writing a story from the point of view of the elephant in Water for Elephants?

    Or you could write from the point of view of a pet cat or dog.

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    thanks very much ms. sue i really like that idea :D i also have read the book so it be easy for me to write exactly how elephant feel when she get abused and stuff. ms. sue what creative title i put?

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    I'm glad you like that idea. I think it will make a great story.

    The title could be a single word, like Abused or Ordeal.

    After you write the story, I'm sure a good title will come to you.

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    alright thanks ms. sue how rosie become independent after she killed august?

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    That sounds good.

    I have another thought for the title. How about "ESL"?

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    oh yeah that be a good title because rosie not speak english :) but ms. sue how rosie become independent? also how i mention in story that i be talking abt water for elephants, and being rosie?

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    You don't need to mention the book. However, if you want, you could say that Sara Gruen had already written about you in the book Water for Elephants, but you wanted to present your view of your life.

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    alright thanks very much ms. sue :)

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

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