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Rank C2H6O, C3H8O and C4H^10 O in terms of IMF and explain their structures? neeed heeelppp.thank you

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    Empirical formulas are no help. You need at least to put them into a line formula such as
    CH3CH2OH or whatever it is.

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    Based on their boiling point, CH3CH2OH bpt. 78C, CH3CH2CH2OH bpt. 97C, CH3CH2CH2CH2OH bpt. 118 C how will I be able to rank these three in terms of strength of their IMF.Pls kindly explain it they gave this a a homework and never been discussed in class. thank you

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    Generally these IMF forces (for these kinds of molecular attractions) increase with increasing "comlexity" or increasing molar mass. There are more electrons in the heavier molecules. they are more easily polarized, thus the attraction between molecules is more and the boiling point rises.

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    thanks a lot i was waiting for your comment

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