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I writing narrative story on theme that With independence comes amplified accountability. teacher say it be good if it be third person narrative. though i not know what to write about, teacher show us example and one which a girl write be through a birds point of view, and the bird want to learn to fly, one day the birds mom pass away, and its siblings hatch out of eggs, they be crying, so the bird need to giddy up and fly to feed its siblings and it do it, and it be a new beginning. this story have lot of description and teacher say this story hve to give vivid picture of everything. i want to write something similar to this, but teacher say it be hard to write in third person, so what i write about that be easy to write in third person? i want to be something similar to bird story cause it be very interesting how she write from bird view. i thought of writing abt little boy who get lost at airport, but someone else took that idea.

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    Anything can be written good in 3rd person! I like the idea of using a little boy lost at the airport; sorry it was taken. Maybe you could write about a young child going through a rough time in his/her family. ( you know: maybe a death in the family or parents are getting divorced?) Something touching like that

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    Thanks I like the ideas :)

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