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When a chameleon captures an insect, its tongue can extend 16 cm in 0.10 s.
(a) Find the magnitude of the tongue’s acceleration, assuming it to be constant.
(b) Let Δx be the amount that the chameleon's tongue moves during the second 0.050 s. Calculate Δx

a step by step process works just fine without the answers. thanks

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    x = 1/2 * a * t^2

    where x is distance, a is acceleration, and t is time

    16 = 1/2 * a * 0.1^2

    Solve for a (it's units will be cm/s)

    b) Now that you know the acceleration calculate x when t = 0.1 seconds (0.1 = 0.05 + 0.05), and then calculate x when t = 0.05 seconds. subtract these two to get delta x

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