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honors chem high school

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The topic is Changes in energy Level Calculations. calculate energy value for levels n=1 to n=7; given En=-Rh/n2 R=2.180 x 10 -18 J
h=6.626 x 10 -34 J.s

I then need to plot them -- I cannot get started.

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    I don't know how to help. Substitute R and n and calculate E. I would use
    E = 2.180E-18 x (1/N^2)
    For n = 1 you have
    E = 2.180E-18 x (1/1^2) = 2.180E-18 J.
    For n = 2
    E = 2.180E-18 x (1/2^2) = 2.180E-18 x 1/4 = ?

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