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mr. callaway needs to purchase enough grass seed to cover a 3000 square foot lawn and a 4200 square foot lawn. if 40 ounces of grass seed will seed a 2400 square foot lawn how many ounces does he need to seed both lawns

  • math -

    2400/40 = 60 ounces per square foot


    60 * 3,000 = ?

    60 * 4,200 = ?

    Add the two products.

  • math -

    the answers are a(20

  • math -- oops! Sorry! -

    I made a major stupid booboo! Forget what I posted above.

    1 ounce will seed 60 square feet.
    3,000 / 60 = 50 ounces
    4,200 / 60 = 70 ounces

    50 + 70 = 120 ounces

    The answer is c.

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