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There are twice as many girls as boys in the 4th grade classes at Joe's school. There are a total of 81 4th graders. How many boys and girls are there in the 4th?

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    LIIIIIIEERRRRR!!!! That's Not The Right Answer!!!! ^^^^^

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    which is the best estimate for the height of the average door inside a house

    a.8 inches

    b.8 yards



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    414divide by 9

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    How many sixths are equivalent to 1 half?

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    Use number sense explain how you can tell if your estimate answer is greater or less than the exact answer to a multiplication problem

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    If a penny has a mass of 48 grams, about what would be the mass of 699 pennies?

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    Masha You have to divde 81 divde 2=40.5

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    160 hours per hour

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    60 degree

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    6 5/12=

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    Mfjmhkffjshfjfjfgkdb hfjbdhcbvyf ddbxfrcdgvdu shut up to write comparative analysis and the day after the r u all of these are not feeling of being able and home to the first time in a scent of a paper published by coming r u dear friend of the first place to start the first time I saw the day and age group is it that the day after tomorrow and the day and age of Conan Doyle and home work with r r u all the details of a paper on a scent the day after r u dear for all of these things and the first place in the first time in r u all of the first time I saw it on a paper published in a paper published by the day and many other things to write comparative e comp

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