Equivalent Fractions

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  • Equivalent Fractions -

    All are right except the last one.

  • Equivalent Fractions -

    1/2= 5/10 <----- True
    3/4= 12/16 <----- True
    7/8= 21/24 <----- True
    3/7= 15/35 <----- True
    1/20= 4/40 <------ False

  • Equivalent Fractions -

    Can you explain how to get it?

  • Equivalent Fractions -

    Bro, you pretty much have to divide it and see if they are equal. Just divide 1/2 and 5/10, they both are the same answer.

  • Equivalent Fractions -

    Jerald -- do the same thing to number 5 that you did to the other fractions.

  • Equivalent Fractions -

    Dont worry if you don't get it is because

    JA JA, JA

  • Equivalent Fractions -

    Idk what you guys are saying but....what is equivalent to 5/36!?!?!?

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