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Can I have a quick summery of why he opposed the war? I don't want to have to read the whole speech. I need some good quotes from him. I'm suppose to "discuss and analyze the rhetoric and persuasive languages used by the king." What does that mean? What am I looking for?

Please be nice. :) Remember the Golden Rule and we will all be ok. Sorry for those of you that this does not apply to. Thank you everyone for your help. It is much appricated.

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    Andrea/Cora -- since you're in AP English, you must read the entire speech.

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    Sorry -- you said you're in AP history. You should still read the entire speech.

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    My sister is Andrea, I'm Cora. And This is for English. Not history. And my sister is in AP History, not me. And yeah I did go back to skim the speech. I really still don't know why he opposed the war except that he was for nonvolient acts.

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    Isn't opposition to nonviolence enough?

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    Oops -- Opposition to VIOLENCE is enough to oppose any war.

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    He pretty much followed Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi who wanted to gain freedom without any sort of violence.

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