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Special educational services for young children with disabilities:

a. Cannot be enforced through laws.

b. depend on parent efforts.

c. do not involve the Head Start Program.

d. are rooted in federal legislation.

I'm thinking D is the correct answer?

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    Yes, right!

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    Awesome! Thanks!

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    You're welcome.

    Michigan's special ed laws cover children from birth to 25 -- which is longer than federal laws. It seems that some professors decided to ask the legislature for an ideal situation. Although they were prepared to compromise, the legislature went along with the profs and granted everything they wanted in the laws.

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    For this assignment, you are asked to design a Plan-Do-Review activity. Be sure to describe in detail each stage of the process (student involvement in the planning, what students would actually do, and what specific questions you would ask during the review stage of the process. Also, consider how you would guide students in an exercise for coming up with their own open-ended questions for the review session). Your three- to five- page paper should be formatted as follows:

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