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Algebra II Funtion

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f(x)=x-11 f(4)

This is my work for this function. Is it correct? And can you help me solve the next one?

f(x) =9x3 - x2 + 2 ; f(2)

  • Algebra II Funtion -

    Substitute f(4) = -7 into the equation for f(x):

    f(x) = x - 11 * (-7)
    f(x) = x + 77

    f(x) =9x3 - x2 + 2 ; f(2)
    For this one, f(2) means find the value of f(x) when x = 2, so just put 2 into the equation for f(x) and solve

  • Algebra II Funtion -

    The way you typed the first question caused Jennifer to misunderstand the problem

    If you meant , find f(4) when f(x) = x-11
    then you were correct

  • Algebra II Funtion -

    Oh, okay. Sorry for the confusion! And thank you for the help.

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