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Can you check my answers for me? The answers I picked have a check mark next to them. Thank you.

1. Darwin’s theory of evolution by means of natural selection proposes that changes happen from generation to generation from ____________ of an organism to the environment. (1 point)

A. adaptations

B. selective breeding ✔

C. non-living influences

D. predation

2. Each year a rancher chooses cattle that are bigger and stronger and provide more meat to breed and reproduce in his herd. Cattle that are smaller provide less meat and are brought to market sooner. This is an example of ____________. (1 point)

A. natural selection

B. evolution

C. selective breeding ✔

D. survival of the fittest

3. In the study of genetics, what is the difference between genotypes and phenotypes? (1 point)

A. Phenotypes are the DNA structure of genes, while genotypes are not considered genetic at all.

B. Genotypes are the genetic makeup of the traits, while phenotypes are not considered genetic at all.

C. Phenotypes are the genetic makeup of the traits, while genotypes are not considered genetic at all.

D. Genotypes are the genetic makeup of the traits, while phenotypes are how these genes are expressed. ✔

4. The tool used to predict genetic outcomes is known as a(n) ____________. (1 point)

A. genetic square

B. line graph ✔

C. Punnett square

D. energy pyramid

5. When the last individual of a species dies, that species is considered _____. (1 point)

A. adapted

B. rare

C. extinct ✔

D. evolved

True or False
6. Recessive traits are always shown in an organism's offspring. (1 point)

A. true✔

B. false

If you could please tell me the correct ones, I'd love you forever. I can't get another bad grade or my mother would kill me. Please and Thank you~!

  • Science -

    1. A
    2. C
    3. D
    4. C
    5. C
    6. FALSE

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