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Which of the following compounds are soluble?
Choose at least one answer.
a. BaSO4
b. K2SO4
c. KBr
d. NaOH
e. Al(OH)3

I originally thought it was the last four, but it isn't, or it isn't only/all of them. Aren't all sulfates and potassium soluble?

What are the reactant ions in the net ionic equation? AgNO3(aq) + NaCl(aq)--> NaNO3(?) + AgCl(?)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Ag+
b. AgCl
c. NO3-
d. Cl-
e. Na+
f. NaNO3

I put a, c, d, and e.

In the reaction of hydrochloric acid and lithium hydroxide what is the negative spectator ion?

I put H-.

Thank you!

  • Chemistry -

    1. Insolubles are a and e. b,c,d are soluble.
    You must learn the solbility rules. Here is a simplified set of rules.

    2. The net ionic equation is
    Ag^ + Cl^- ==> AgCl
    a and d
    b is the product
    c and e are spectator ions.
    f is a product written as a molecule.

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