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hard 5th Grade Math

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Two 5th grade classes raised money for their local animal shaelters.There are 20 students in Class A. Each student raised 12$.
There are 26 students in Class B raised 1.5 times as much as each student in Class A.

A. How much money was raised altogether in both classes? Show your work and explain your answer.

B. The money raised went to 2 shelters. One shelter received twice as much as the other. How much shelter did each shelter receive? Show your work and explain your answer.

  • hard 5th Grade Math -

    Class A raised 20 x 12 or $240
    Class B raised 26 x 1.5 x 12 = $468

    total raised = $708

    split the 708 into 3 parts
    give one shelter two of those parts, and the other shelter one part

    708/3 = 236

    shelter 1 gets 2 x 236 = $472
    shelter 2 gets 1 x 236 = $236

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