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How might a novice confuse the following advance directives within the Patient Self-Determination Act when distinguishing information as administrative or clinical?

Here is my answer please tell me what you think....

administrative data includes demographic, socioeconomic, and financial information, which is gathered upon admission of the patient to the facility and documented on the inpatient face sheet (or admission/discharge record). The following reports comprise administrative data: Fact sheet, advanced directives, informed consent, birth/death certificate. I see how a person may view the advanced directives documentation as clinical.....because of the medical treatment information found in the directives. However, reading further in our text it states that clinical data includes all patient health information obtained throughout the treatment and care of the patient. Clinical data includes; discharge summary, history, physical examination, laboratory results, operative record, and radiology report.

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    I hope its right...submitted my answer already...still want your insight though...

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    What is the administrative data a doctor does not need to see? Also whjy do they not need to see it?

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