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A vendor sold 1/3 of his fish balls in the afternoon and 2/5 of the remainder in the evening. If he had 150 fish balls left, find the number of fish balls he had at first?

  • Math -

    let the number of fish at the start be x
    sold (1/3)x in the afternoon, leaving his with (2/3)x
    He sold 2/5 of that leaving him with
    (3/5) (2/3)x or (2/5)x

    (2/5)x = 150
    x = 375

    sell 1/3 of 375 = 125 , leaves 250
    sells 2/5 of that or 100 , leaving him with 150
    All is good!

  • Math -

    n - n/3 - 2/5 (2n/3) = 150
    n - n/3 - 4n/15 = 150
    (15 - 5 - 4)n/15 = 150
    6n/15 = 150
    2n/5 = 150
    n = 375

    sold 1/3 of 375 = 125, leaving 250
    sold 2/5 of 250 = 100, leaving 150

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