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1. Which of the following statements about defensive medicine is true?
A. Insurance companies encourage it.
B. It's the result of fewer malpractice claims.
C. It can mean excessive medical tests.
D. It's motivated by the needs of the patient

2. The jury assigns percentages of fault to the health care personnel and to the patient under
A. vicarious liability.
B. assumption of risk.
C. comparative negligence.
D. contributory negligence.

3. The science of improving hereditary qualities is known as
A. genetics.
B. DNA research.
C. eugenics.
D. amniocentesis.

4. Which type of normative ethics theory describes developing good character habits and traits?
A. Virtue theory
B. Duty theory
C. Confidentiality theory
D. Consequentialist theory

5. The proper form of social interaction in a given culture or community is called
A. philosophy.
B. metaethics.
C. etiquette.
D. ethics.

6. The time periods during which a lawsuit must be brought are called
A. Good Samaritan statutes.
B. assumption of risk.
C. statutes of limitations.
D. scope of employment.

7. The Nuremburg Code forbids
A. people who are under 18 years old from donating their organs.
B. doctors from performing medical experiments on humans without consent.
C. trauma researchers from conducting research in emergency situations.
D. parents from permitting children to participate in nontherapeutical research

8. The type of advance medical directive that the AMA recommends is
A. a living will.
B. euthanasia.
C. a durable power of attorney.
D. an undue-burden test.

9. A doctor fails to detect or disclose painful birth defects in time to permit an abortion. Under what tort can the child sue?
A. Wrongful life
B. Wrongful death
C. Hippocratic Oath
D. Duty theory

10. What do ethical theories attempt to do?
A. Define punishments for violations of laws
B. Describe specific, polite behaviors
C. Prescribe religious beliefs for all people
D. Recommend concepts of right and wrong

11. According to the AAMA Code of Ethics, members of the AAMA should always
A. ensure compliance with state law concerning advance medical directives.
B. render service with full respect for the dignity of humanity.
C. dress in a professional manner and be polite to other medical professionals.
D. help terminally ill patients terminate their lives.

12. A formulary is a list of
A. approved drugs for which the insurance company pays.
B. employees covered by an employer's health insurance plan.
C. proper behaviors and manners for a certain community.
D. procedural steps to resolve ethical conflicts in a medical office.

13. While a patient is having surgery, his doctor notices a small mole. The doctor doesn't think the mole is anything to worry about, but he decides to remove it to perform a biopsy. What is the doctor guilty of?
A. Premises liability
B. Abandonment
C. Battery
D. Insurance fraud

14. Which of the following statements about the Uniform Anatomical Gifts Act is true?
A. The gift must be made by a donor who is at least 18 years old.
B. The gift can't be revoked during the donor's lifetime.
C. The gift can't be made by relatives after the donor's death.
D. The gift isn't restricted to any certain purposes

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