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State the null and alternative hypothesis for the following:

1.) A small local bank wants to check if the average daily balance is not higer than 3500 for its individual saving account.
2.) A researcher wants to find out if the mean weekly wage of several thousands of workers in a plant s is not lower than 2900.
3.) an ecologist claims that the mean amount of carbon monoxide in Baguio is 4.2 ppm.

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    Here are a few hints:

    1. The null hypothesis (Ho) always includes an equals sign in its statement.
    2. The alternative hypothesis (Ha) uses less than, greater than, or does not equal in its statement.

    Look for clues in setting up your hypotheses. For example, in each problem, certain phrases like "is not higher than" (#1), "is not lower than" (#2), and so forth give clues. When you see problems like the last one, use "does not equal" in your alternative hypothesis because a specific direction is not specified in the problem.

    I hope this will help get you started.

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