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How to solve titration problem for HC2H3O2 + NaOH= NaC2H3O2 + H2O

The M of NaOH= 0.427
The volume of NaOH= 17.30mL
10.00mL of acid

The second titration calculation is:
The M of NaOH= 0.427
The volume of NaOH=34.60mL
20.00mL of acid

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    mols NaOH = M x L = ?
    mols HC2H3O2 = the same (note the balanced equation and 1 mol NaOH reacts with 1 mol HC2H3O2 which means 1:1).
    M HC2H3O2 = mols/L . YOu know mols and L.

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