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why is calling people listed in the phone book to conduct a survey, biased?

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    Phone books only list people with land lines. Many people, especially under 60 years of age, only have cell phones, not land lines.

    This method also depends upon people answering their phones, agreeing to take the survey and supplying honest answers.

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    Thank you!

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    Oh I also have one more that im stuck on.. "Mailing a 10 page survey to 1000 randomly selected households in the GTA (why is it biased)"

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    You're welcome.

    I don't know what GTA is. However, unless I have a lot of time on my hands and am really interested in the subject matter, I wouldn't be bothered to fill out a 10-page survey. And I've found that many surveys are so biased that they're ridiculous. They may have questions like "When did you stop beating your wife?"

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    Ahh thanks again!

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    You're welcome!

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