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Chemistry Pretest

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Consider the following balanced equation.
2 H2 + O2 ---> 2 H2O

Which of the following statements is false?

a) One molecule of O2 will react with 2 molecules of H2
b) One mole of O2 will react with 2 moles of H2
c) The complete reaction of 32.0 g of O2 will produce 2 moles of H2O
d) The complete reaction of 2.0 g of H2 will produce 36.0 g of H2O
e) The amount of reaction that consumes 32.0 of g O2 produces of 36.0 g H2O

At first glance, I would think all of these would be right, but obviously that can't be true. But I do know for a fact a and b are both true at least.

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    d is false. 2H2 is 4 grams, so 4 grams H2 produces 36g water.

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