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in spanish, what do you put at the end of a name to show affection?

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    It depends on the region, but in Spain, they usually add "-ito"

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    So, my spanish name for spanish class is Catalina. To show affection, someone would say, "Catalinaito???"

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    No, in this case there are two options, the first one is to use the diminutive
    "Catalinita" (without one a), but the second one is to use only a part of the name and add "i": "Cati",
    the ending "ito"is formale gender/"ita"
    for female gender, and "i" for both, but sometimes, in México, we use a known nickname, e.g.
    Alfonso = poncho.
    Concepción= Concha or Conchita.
    Alfredo= Fello.
    José María= Chema.

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