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which of the following are in the correct size order?

a) nm, um, cm, mm, m
b) m,um,cm, nm, mm
c) um,nm,mm,cm,m
d) nm,um,mm,cm,m
e) none of the above

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    Unit Length
    kilometer (km) 1,000 m (1 X 10^3 m)
    meter (m) 1 m
    centimeter (cm) 0.01 m (1 X 10^-2 m)
    millimeter (mm) 0.001 m (1 X 10^-3 m)
    micrometer (um) 0.000001 m (1 X 10^-6 m)
    nanometer (nm) 0.000000001 m (1 X 10^-9 m)

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