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Force exerted on an area is called _____. (1 point)


The composition of the atmosphere is changing due to _____. (1 point)

ozone depletion
increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide)
all of the above

The _____ is the layer of the atmosphere farthest from Earth's surface. (1 point)


Chlorofluorocarbons harm the ozone layer by _______. (1 point)

adding more ozone molecules
blocking ultraviolet radiation
destroying ozone molecules
destroying oxygen molecules

Air pressure is greatest _____ because there are _____ molecules of air pushing down from above. (1 point)

at the top of a mountain; more
at sea level; more
in the troposphere; less
in the exosphere; less

  • science -

    1. a

    2. d

    3. a

    4. c

    5. b

  • science -

    1. a
    2. c
    3. a
    4. b
    5. i don't know : (

  • science -

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