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Radon-222 undergoes alpha decay.what is the nuclear equation

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    First number just before Rn is atomic number; number following symbol is mass number.
    86Rn222 ==> 2He4 + nXm
    We we need to evaluate for n and m. To do that we remember that the atomic numbers must add on both sides and the mass numbers must add up on both sides.
    86 = 2+n; therefore, n = 84
    222 = 4 + m; therefore, m = 218
    Now we look on the periodic table and find element number 84. That is Po; therefore, element X is Po so the equation in full is
    86Rn222 = 2He4 + 84Po218

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    86Rn222 = 2He4 + 84Po218

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