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6th grade Math

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Having a problem on a proportion question. The problem is you have surveyed 30 people on their favorite song. 21 females and 9 males. The most popular genres are pop, country, and hip hop. The ratio for females who picked pop is 18 to 21 and the raio of males who picked pop is 6 to 9. Which gender is more likely to choose pop and by how much? I think girls are more likely to pick pop because the percetage is higher but I'm not sure how to figure out by how much. Would appreciate any help you can give me on how to figure that part out. Thanks...

  • 6th grade Math -

    females: 18/21 = 6/7
    males: 6/9 = 2/3

    (6/7) / (2/3) = 18/14 = 9/7 = 1.28

    so, females are 28% more likely to choose pop

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