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College Algebra

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A jet flies from Atlanta to Dubuque a distance of 900 miles. After traveling the same amount of time on the return flight,the pilot mentioned they still had 150 miles to go. The airspeed of the plane was 300 miles per hour. How fast was the wind blowing?

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    speed of wind --- x mph
    speed of plane --- 300 mph

    speed against wind --- 300-x
    speed with the wind --- 300+x

    time for Atlanta to Dubuque = 900/(x+300)
    coming back when time was the same --- 750/(300-x)

    900/(300+x) = 750/(300-x)
    270000 - 900x = 225000 + 750x
    45000 = 1650x
    x = 27.2727... mph

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