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Select the letter that corresponds to the word or words that the italicized phrase modifies or describes.

9. The scientist Jane Goodall was born (in London) in 1934.

a. in 1934
b. Jane Goodall
c. scientist
d. was born

10. In her twenties, she began her life’s work, (the study of animals.)

a. began
b. life's
c. twenties
d. work

11. She later established a field camp (in the Gombe Stream Game Reserve.)

a. camp
b. established
c. field
d. She

Identify the italicized word or words in each sentence.

12. (Eating flesh with razor-sharp teeth) is how piranhas survive.

a. gerund phrase
b. infinitive phrase
c. participial phrase
d. prepositional phrase

13. Piranhas, (traveling in groups,) usually prey on other fish.

a. essential phrase
b. infinitive phrase
c. nonessential phrase
d. prepositional phrase

  • Lang Arts -

    plez help

  • Ms. Sue Lang Arts -

    9. d
    10. d
    11. a
    12. b
    13. b

  • Lang Arts -

    Only 9 and 10 are correct. Please check your book for infinitive phrases.

  • Lang Arts -

    what about 11

  • Lang Arts -

    11 is tricky. Since the prepositional phrase tells where -- and can be use in other locations within the sentence, it's an adverb phrase.

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