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Algebra 2

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I need help, and I can't find the answer. Can you explain how to do this please? I don't want the answer only, I need to know the answer, and how to find it. Thank you!!

9. What is the equation of the absolute value function? (1 point)

y = 6|x + 2| –2
y = 6|–x – 2| + 2
y = –6|x + 2| – 2
y = –6|x – 2| – 2

  • Algebra 2 -

    those are all equation using the absolute value function.

    They are all v-shaped, opening up or down. To see what they look like, go to

    and type in the box

    plot 6|x + 2| –2

    or the other formulas, and see what the graphs look like. It's a good place to play around with variations on a theme.

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