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Choosing to blow the whistle on your employees or coworkers can create all kinds of legal, ethical, and career complications. Here are five common workplace scenarios that will challenge employees about whether or not they should go public with potentially damaging charges. Read the following scenarios, and explain how you would handle each hypothetical situation.
You believe your company is overcharging or otherwise defrauding a customer or client.
With all of the headlines generated by sexual harassment cases lately, you would think employees would not dare break the law, but it is happening right under your company's nose.
You discover that your company, or one of its divisions, products, or processes, presents a physical danger to workers or to the public.
An employee is padding overtime statements, taking home some of the company's inventory, or stealing equipment.
You smell alcohol on a coworker's breath and notice that individual's work has not been up to standard lately.

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    How would YOU handle each hypothetical situation?

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