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Assume that the nucleus of the fluorine atom is a sphere with a radius of 5 x 10 ^ -13 cm. Calculate the density of matter in the fluorine nucleus in grams/cm^3. Now convert your answer to tons per cubic centimeter, knowing that there are 454 grams in one pound.

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    And your trouble with this problem is mainly what?

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    I don't understand how to set up the conversion problem.. Or what exactly it's asking

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    The volume of a sphere is (4/3)*pi*r^3. The problem gives radius; substitute and solvge for volume in cc.

    The problem doesn't give you the mass of a F nucleus but you know the atomic mass is 19.0 grams for a mol so 1 atom has a mass of 19.0/6.02E23) = ?g

    mass = volume x density
    Substitute mass and volume from above and solve for density in g/cc.

    (grams/454) converts to lbs and (lbs/2000) converts to tons.

    You make conversions this way.
    Given x factor = new unit
    Say you want to convert 500 g to lbs. The factor is 1 lb = 454 g.
    500 g x factor = lbs.
    500 x (1 lb/454) = 1.1 lbs.
    Note that there are two ways to use the factor. One is 1 lb/454 g and the other is 454g/1 lb. How do you know which to use. In this example you want to use 1 lb/454g because this way the grams (the unit we don't want to keep) cancel (g in the numerator cancels with g in the denominator of the factor) and the unit we want to change to (lbs) is left alone.

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