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The combined capacity of a bottle and a glass is equal to the capacity of a pitcher. The capacity of a bottle is equal to the combined capacity of a glass and a mug. The combined capacity of three mugs is equal to the combined capacity of two pitchers. How many glasses altogether have the capacity of one mug?

A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6
E) 7

  • math -

    bottle -- b
    glass --- g
    pitcher --- p
    mug -----m

    p = b+g
    b = g+m
    3m = 2p

    all up all 3 equations:
    p+b+3m = b+2g+m+2p
    2m = b+g + 2g = b+3g
    2m = g+m + 3g
    m = 4g

    4 glasses make up a mug.

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