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a 60 kg object is attached to one end of a 40 kg steel tube 2.4 m long. what is the distance from the loaded end to the balance?

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    I don't know what "to the balance" means. Do you mean the fulcum to the load?

    summing moments about the "one end"

    down forces=40+60=100kg
    up forces at the fulcrum 100kg

    summing moments about the end.
    40(2.4/2)+60x-100y=0 where x is the distance from the end to the load, and y is the distance from the end to the fulcrum.

    summing moments about the fulcrum:
    40(1.2-y)=60(y-x) draw the picture to see that.
    so you now have two equations, two unknowns, solve for x

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