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Few people know about the (complex) science behind the construction of elevators.

(my answer) demonstrative adjective
interrogative adjective
indefinite adjective
proper adjective

To be honest, I'm really not sure! I know (complex) is an adjective, I just don't know which kind. Thank you so much fro all of you help :)

  • Grammar -

    I don't think any of your choices is right.

    A demonstrative adjective is a demonstrative pronoun used as an adjective.

    It certainly isn't interrogative or proper.

    But here's the definition of an indefinite adjective -- again derived from a pronoun.

    Please check with your teacher to see if this question is in error.

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    Its an automated question checked by a computer, so I'm not sure. My teacher didn't say anything about their being an error but a lot of the question in our course that are worded oddly. This question really confused me, I tried looking in our text book but nothing seemed right.

    Should I just put demonstrative and see what happens? Or is there a better option among the answers?

  • Grammar -

    I don't see a better option.

    I see a lot of bad questions and wrong answers in these for-profit online schools. I hope that you can transfer to a real school with real teachers.

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