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posted by Makani

Tomas bought some fruit at the market. He bought twice as many melons as apples. He bought 12 more melons than oranges. He bought 11 apples. How many pieces of fruit did Tomas buy?

  1. Ms. Sue

    apples = 11

    melons = 11 * 2 = 22

    oranges = 22 - 12 = 10

  2. Ms.Fidelus

    Apples 11

    Melons 11x2 = 22

    Oranges 22-12 = 10

  3. Anonymous

    Choose the 2 answers.

    Which two expressions could be used to calculate the area of the patio shown?

    (22 • 13) + (20 • 6)

    (20 • 6) + (16 • 13)

    (20 • 22) – (16 • 7)

    (20 • 22) – (6 • 13)

  4. kill'n-yola

    i don't know

  5. kill'n-yola

    figure it out lol

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