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benjie spent 1/3 of his money on clothes and 1/4 of the remainder on food. if he had 180 pesos left, how much did he have first?

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    original amount --- x
    after buying clothes , he has 2/3 x left
    spends 1/4 of that, leaving him with

    so (3/4)(2/3)x = 180
    (1/2) x = 180
    x = 360

    after spending 1/3 of 360 , he is left with 240
    1/4 of that is 60 , so that leaves him with 180

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    When Lisa’s age was twice May’s age, Sally’s age was 30. When Sally’s age was twice Lisa’s age, May’s age was 21. Given that Sally’s was the oldest among the three persons, find May’s age when Sally was 62 years old.

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