Science 8R - HW Help!

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Science 8R HW - Using the steps of the Scientific Method solve a problem that you may have (for example, 1. How can I get my little brother to stop eating my homework)

I can't think of one.... please help!

any ideas or suggestions???

  • Science 8R - HW Help! -

    put pepper sauce (clear) on your papers, teacher after they are dried, will never know the difference.
    Make a hypothesis, design an experiment, collect data, and keep your brother under observation.

    Make certain dad knows what you are doing beforhand.

  • Science 8R - HW Help! -

    I know the Scientific method it's just that I can't think of a problem I can solve

    How to get my homework done before 8pm?

    is that good????

  • Science 8R - HW Help! -

    Bobpursley gave you a solution to your problem.

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