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Word bank: adverse arid assailant billow confront constrain contemporary depict disinterested encompass groundless hypocrite incomprehensible manipulate maximum mimic ruffle serene sheepish stamina

You talk so fast and low that you are going to be completely _______ to most people

Parrots and a few other kinds of birds can ___ sounds particulary human speech

For a long time I thought that he was a good and sincere person but I finally saw that he was no more than a(n) ___

Using the entire east wall of the new Post OFfice building the painter tried to _____ the founding of our city

The jury found the defendant not guilty because they were convinced that the charges against her were ___

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    The third and fourth are wrong.

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    I was so embarrased by my blunder that I could do nothing but grin in a _____ and self conscious way

    You and Lucy will enver settle your quarrel unless you _______ each other directly and listen to what the other person has to say

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    Of your last two sentences, only the first is right.

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    How about this one. I think its wrong though. If it is than I will fix all of them.

    held back by ____ winds the plane arrived at the airport two hours late

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    It's wrong.

    Didn't you use maximum in your previous response about the winds?

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