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Tom needs carpet for his living room (11x 10 ft) and his bedroom room (20 x 16 ft). At $14.99 per square yard installed or $19.99 per square yard installed. How much would he save by choosing the cheaper carpet?

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    area = 11*10 + 16*20 or 430 square feet

    There are 9 square feet in 1 square yard.

    divide by 9, then multiply by each unit cost
    subtract the two costs to find the savings.

  • Math -

    430 /9= 47.777

    47.78*19.99=955.12 less
    47.78*14.99 =716.22

    Answer $238.90 he would save ... Correct?

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    yes, arithmetically you are correct,

    What do you think would happen if you went into a store and asked for 47.7777 square yards of carpet?
    I wish text-book authors would think before they make up such unrealistic problems.

    e.g. most likely you will have to buy a carpet which is 12 ft wide, and have waste.
    For the other room you might even have to join different widths.

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    Haha ... Ok. Thanku soo much!

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