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1. You observe two beakers containing clear liquid and ice cubes. In the first beaker, the ice cubes are floating. In the second, the ice cubes are on the bottom of the beaker. Write a hypothesis to explain the difference in your observations about the two beakers.

2. Explain why scientific methods cannot be used to answer ethical questions

Please help
I think the cubes that are floating have melted or melting. However those that are not are still in the solid form that's why they are at the bottom

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    If the ice cubes are at the bottom, then the liquid must be less dense than ice. Alcohol?

    I disagree somewhat with the second premese. Logic applies to ethical questions. Observation applies to ethical questions. What cannot be determined by "scientific" methods is what is right, and wrong, or what is Sin, or what is Godly.

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    I hypothesize that the on with the ice floating that it has just got water put in it and the second had sat on the table for more than five minutes

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