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If you’re planning to drink, you should ________.

A. Use protection for sex

B. Have a designated driver or take a taxi

C. Avoid driving a boat

D. All of the above

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    Definitely B and C -- so that makes D the best answer.

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    You're welcome.

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    The answer is a

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    By this being health the answer would be A

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    lol its not a its b

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    It's D.

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    no way the answer is A i got it right

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    Its d

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    oh my God , we all have the same question from the same exams and everybody give they own answer , how can that work . some say D , A B , C , gosh this is not helpful . you guys make my brain shaky shaky

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    well , i'm gonna try d ,

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    i think its B.

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    The answer is D, All of the above.

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