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The office manager of a small office ordered 120 packs of printer paper. Based on average daily use, she knows that the paper will last about 40 days. What graph represents this situation? How many packs of printer paper should the manager expect to have after 10 days?

Not sure if it would be 30packs or 90packs. Then if the graph would go up or down.
If someone could explain how to work this out it would be helpful

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    120Packs/40days = 3 Packs/Day.

    P = 120 - 3*10 = 90 Packs remaining after 10 days.

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    1. P = 120 - 3x..

    P = The number of packs remaining after X days.
    3 = The # of packs used per day.

    Use the following points fr graphng:



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    Thank you that is what I finally figured but wasn't sure about the graph

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