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I am in need of some basic tools in which to become better prepared to excel in my "Conceptual Physics" college course. I am a retired veteran of the Army and have not been in school for 25 years. Some reference charts for Trigonometry, basic glossary for any terminology, YouTube videos,etc.....??? I am struggling with my homework. Suggestions please. Thanks


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    Eric, I'm not sure what you need, but if it's Physics tuition (or Math)try Khan Academy. Hundreds of short vids.

    Hope Jiskha don't mind this post.

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    Real life experience:

    I am not exceptional in math but I have managed to learn chemistry by using only a couple books and the internet. I spend hours on my smartphone with practice questions and homework questions that I've found on the net. I'm not even a student in a school but I have been surprised by the amount of knowledge I've gained. I really think your best bet is a couple of testing books/textbooks from the school or bookstore and then use the net. If you don't like studying in a closed room, you can take your smartphone to a park or a scenic area and this will make it fun! Many sites for chemistry such as chemteam have problems with all the answers and explanations, and I am sure the same is going on for physics.

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    A barge is hauled along a straight-line section of canal by two horses harnessed to tow ropes and walking along the tow paths on either side of the canal. Each horse pulls with a force of 490 N at an angle of 16° with the centerline of the canal. What is the net force on the barge?

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    15 N

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